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  • Abricots au miel, timbre, 2010
  • Des Abeilles
    Homme appellant les mouches-,- beste à miel-, -Essain de miel-, -lion mort-, -boeuf mort-
  • The Home of the "Honey Bees" in 1878
  • The Home of the "Honey Bees" in 1884
  • The Home of the "Honey Bees" in 1887
  • The Home of the "Honey Bees" - The Apiary,
    (This view is taken from of the roof of the Factory)
  • Chapman Honey-plant
  • Comb-Bucket
  • Rolling out Foundation
  • The Moore Crate / T Super / T Tin
  • Method of Handling Sections
  • A section box filled with Honey.
  • Our 48-Pound Double-Tier Shipping Case
  • 12-LB.Single-Tire Case
  • Box for carrying Honey
  • Sturwold's Show-Case for Honey
  • Sheet-Zinc Honey-Board, Wood-Bound
  • Slatted Wood-Zinc Honey-Board
  • Abeilles et fleur
  • Honey-Exhibition on the Fairgrounds, of J. H. Martin, Hartford, N.Y.
  • Chaff-Cushion Division-Board
  • Drone-Bee
  • Perforated Zinc for excluding Drones.
  • Zinc with smaller Perfomations
  • Alley's Drone-Excluder
  • Allaey's Drone-Excluder, Drone and Queen Trap Combined
  • Drone-Guard
  • A California Apiary, Near San Diego
  • Apparatus for Evaporating this Honey / Pettit's Honey Evaporator / Cowan's Evaporator
  • Screw-Cap Fail / Sloping-Side Fail
  • A Nest of Five Raised-Cover Fails / The Graduated Tin Fails / Muth's Glass Honey Jars
  • Williams Stand For Selling Extracted Honey / Glass Honey Fails / The 58-Pound Honey-Can
  • The Novice Honey-Knife / Quinby Honey-Knife / Bingham & Hetheringthon Honey-Knife
  • Dadant's Uncapping-Can / Yucca Brush / Davis' Improved Bee-Brush
  • Inside of Extrator / Extractor Complete
  • How to make the Bottom to the Can of Extractor / Extractor with Space for Honey Below Revolving-Frame
  • Broken-Comb Basket
  • Simplicity Bee-Feeder / Gray's Improved Feeder / Glass-Tumbler Feeder
  • Hains Feeder For a Fruit-Jar
  • The Simpson Honey-Plant
  • Gill-Over-The-Ground
  • Three Varieties of Goldenrod
  • The Lawn or Chaff Hive
  • Improperly Filed. Propely Filde. / Setting The Parallel Bar / Why Boards Warp
  • Side and End View of Board / Beleving Platform
  • How to Make the Cover / Iron Smooth-Plane for Dressing the Bevels to an Exact Fit
  • Langstroth Hive to take a Simplicity Upper Story or Cover / The Story-and-a-Half Hive
  • A Two-Story Simplicity Hive
  • How to cut the Stuff for Siding / Platform for giving the Siding the Proper Bevel
  • How to make the Corner-posts / External Shell, and Corner-posts of Chaff Hive / Rim That Holds The Cover / Having now completed the outer shell, we will see about the Inside / One of the Sides of the Inside of the Chaff Hive / Diagram Showing Sectional View of Chaff Hive
  • Cover to Chaff Hive, Ready for the Tin Sheets / Gable-End to Chaff-Hive Cover / How to Make the Gable-Ends
  • Cross-Section of the One-Story Chaff Hive
  • All-Wood Frame / The Comb-guide and How it is put in
  • Combined Shipping-Case and Honey-Crate / Moore Crate for Sections to go Inside of Simplicity Hives / The T Super / The T Tin and How Made / Slatted Honey-Board
  • Glass Observ Atory-Hive
  • Buzz-Saw table for Hive-Making by Power
  • "Parallel Bar" Gauge / The " Figure Four" Gauge / Saw-Mandrel for Saw-Table
  • A Saw-Table for Cutting off Stuff
  • The Same with Top Raised
  • A Home-Made Hand Power Buzz-Saw
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